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GIFT CARDS!! Add two to your cart before applying discount code!

Various increments are available, however some costs for reference:

$125 = a 15 Minute Mini Session for fall and spring

$175 = a 30 Minute Mini Session for fall and spring

$200 = a regular half session

$350 = a full hour session

$450 = a senior session

NOTE - This can be used for weddings, however only ONE FREE $500 gift card can be used for weddings (i.e. you can purchase one $500 gift card and get one free, and use both of those for the wedding, but that is the maximum allowed during this sale!)

Specialty Sessions vary, but are usually between $100-200 (lamb mini sessions, Christmas mini sessions, etc)

During Mini Sessions, full galleries are available for $125-200 on average!

Gift Cards are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase!

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