Laura Skellie Photography is a husband and wife team located in Birmingham Alabama. While they can do it all per-say, they do specialize in family photography and wedding photography! 

Laura Skellie is the owner/founder as well as the primary photographer, while her husband Patrick second shoots and concentrates his work on behind the scene things!

Together they are a fun loving duo that brings lots of laughter into sessions. Clients love their positive attitude, creative ideas and overall passion for life. They are pros at making kids laugh, and dads sort of smile! They strive to make personal connections with their clients, as they have found it is the only way to photograph their clients as they REALLY are! With them, you are in good hands! 

We have 3 beagles, one sweet baby named Josephine and a heck of a lot of fun!

Hi there!

I always had an interest in photography, for as long as I can remember I was obsessed with taking photographs....I grew up with a passion for all things creative and photography was just another medium to my art! When I first purchased my camera, I had NO CLUE what I wanted to do with it, but I had just moved to a new state and needed something to occupy my time!

Laura Skellie Photography was OFFICIALLY founded in January 2015 after a year or so in limbo about business names, structure, and IF it was Gods will to create a business out of a hobby! I operated in 2014 as a hobbyist, learning as much as I could. Studying photography techniques, other photographers, and even the business side of things. I struggled with the decision of making my hobby a REAL thing, because I didn't want to become something I didn't want to be. 

Near the end of 2014, God had his plan for me. While I was still unsure of my talent, I was given an opportunity to photograph a friend's child in the was the hardest moment in my life, and to this day brings me to tears....WHY on Earth would our AMAZING and POWERFUL God choose this for a child....I know that HE had bigger plans, but it still hurts. 

That moment in my life....I knew it. I knew HE had plans for me, and HE had plans for the parents/siblings of that child.  Through that moment in time I realized that I was RESPONSIBLE for freezing time for them. However, it was not just a responsibility - it was a gift. Something that came incredibly natural to me, something I cannot truly put into words....I have a gift to FREEZE time in an artistic graceful way....the only way to do that is through Photographs! That day in the NICU made me realize it. So in January 2015 I officially filed for by business licence. We are located in Pelham Alabama, and serve the greater Birmingham Alabama area as well as the greater Ann Arbor Michigan area (where Laura is originally from!)

We are not just another photographer. We thrive on making connections with our clients. Having a genuine connection with our clients simply allows us to photograph who they REALLY are! We want to photograph you laughing until tears form in your eyes, we want to photograph the moment when your husband looks at you with SO MUCH LOVE, and we want to capture your children at all their awkward stages! 

We are a business of REAL people, REAL emotions, REAL life. <3

Peace, Love and Beagles!

Laura <3