Meet Laura & Patrick.....The COUPLE


We are a husband and wife team driven by our love for life, God and beagles! <3 We have one daughter, Josephine Rhene Skellie.

Patrick is a true southern gentleman, my hardcore Alabama fan, my rock, my light at the end of a dark tunnel, and the humor I searched all my life for....He loves football, video games, and being active! He is funny, sarcastic, and full of good intentions! He knows how to calm me on even my worst days, and he LOVES his momma! :) He was born and raised in Alabama, and I was born and raised on an 80-acre farm just outside of Ann Arbor Michigan. I am all things northern - stubborn, abrasive, a little loud, and am always throwing out crazy ideas (good crazy!)....but don't worry, if you ask anyone I know they will likely say I have the biggest heart, am down to earth, I LOVE kids, have a very creative mind, and then I personally like to think that every day I become a better me though my relationship with Our Lord and Savior and the people I meet! <3 We are total opposites in so many ways, but at the end of the day - our similarities and desires for life are what drove us to where we are today!

Together. Patrick and I  love beagles (mainly our three... Emma, Layla and Bear), traveling, Tim Horton's, good beer, each other, football (Alabama football especially...), our friends and families, laughing/joking around, God and food....especially food….and lastly our sweet baby girl.

On any given weekend you will find us together. Likely photographing some awesome family, Patrick will be holding all the gear, coats, phones, sunglasses, etc....he is our "walking coat rack!" and I happened to think he is pretty awesome for always doing this for me! If he isn’t there, he is home with our daughter - or he tags along and she does too!! You will always find me in yoga pants, a t-shirt or sweater. I get on the ground with children - so I find dressing nice to just be a hindrance! If we are not photographing, and it is not football season we like to explore. Traveling, or hiking locally, maybe even doing some Geo Caching (if you don't know, look it up!! its awesome!!) - and some days we will just lounge around with our pack of dogs and daughter all day! We just truly love each others company! And we love our 3 rescue dogs (they are probably are favorite part about our little life aside from our baby girl!)

Little FAQs about us:

1. We met at Birmingham Airport Enterprise while Patrick was working. I literally "picked him up"!

2. We have one child, Josephine. She is our miracle baby after 4 years of infertility and one round of IVF! She literally is the light of our lives, and she is the most precious thing we have. She likes to attend sessions with us when both of us are there!

3. I moved to Alabama only 6 months after meeting Patrick. I have lived in Alabama since 3 days before turning 25 (October 24th, 2012) - It was scary but totally worth it!

4. Our dogs, are our everything. Emma is a Beagle Jack-Russel. Layla is a Beagle Boxer. Bear is a Beagle Basset....They keep us on our toes, but we wouldn't trade them for anything. Each one has their own personality, and also human "voices" could call us crazy dog people - but it certainly wouldn't be an insult. We are proud of our rescues!

5. We like to laugh. Actually LOVE to. We joke around all the time, and are rarely serious. So excuse sarcastic and silly remarks. You will likely hear them! HA! THAT is also the reason Patrick got a second date. 

6. I work in construction for my day job, and Patrick works in ad/promotional sales! I have a Master's of Architecture, and he has a Bachelors in Business from University of Alabama!

6. Lastly, Patrick and I were both born and baptized Catholic...Patrick was raised Catholic, attending John Carroll Catholic HS and did all the common Catholic traditions growing up...., and I did not have that opportunity...BUT after meeting Patrick I decided to make it official, and I was confirmed just before we were married! <3

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about us as a couple, a team, and as your next photographer (HOPEFULLY!) We love to laugh and have a good time, but more importantly making out clients feel more like family! (The good kind of family - the ones you look forward to seeing! ha)

Laura Skellie (and Patrick too!)