Amanda & Chris - Married in Birmingham

Married in the Birmingham ZOO to be exact....October 22, 2016! <3

I was so blessed when Kim contacted me for her daughters wedding, I learned a few details, but was excited! It was only a few month away, but they had yet to find someone that seemed to FIT...

We met at Kim and Vernon's home, and immediately I felt like I was friends for a long time, and we were just chatting! :) I was incredibly happy when they booked me that day! WHAT?! And I do believe, that my incredible ability to connect with people is why....I don't connect just with everyone....but when I do connect with people (more times then not) - it is pretty amazing! :)

So, back to their wedding! I met Chris on the day of the wedding, and boy was he was cute. Amanda was just as nervous - but not for the wedding, she just wanted to see Chris! I am so thankful I told them all the benefits of a first look, because getting that time ALONE before anyone else - is perfect for people who NEED each other to feel at ease...and these two certainly did!

Their wedding was unique....because who else gets stalked by a Zebra, gets to feed a giraffe....AND ride on a carousel....these two did!  I loved every minute of this day, and loved even more that Savannah from Savannah Kay Photography got to join me on this day! We had an absolute blast, and I hope you enjoy these photos! :)

Amanda & Chris,

I am so thankful I met you both, and even more so I got to meet some of your amazing family. You have embraced me, loved me, and made me feel like I am one of you! <3 I see a lasting friendship, and I cannot wait to photograph Sawyer more (oh and the rest of you too ;) ha)! Thank you both for being you! 


P.S. And a very special thank you to Kim and have both welcomed me into your home with open arms, and full heartedly embraced me and Patrick - and I could not thank you both enough for that, and for all the kind words - I will never be able to full express my gratitude! <3