Tali & Marshall - Married in Vermont

Sometimes, things happen for all the right reasons....and as they fall into place - all you can do is smile!

I did not know Talitha...til I posted that we were going to start traveling for weddings and I had a suppppper amazing client tell me she was going to get me in touch with someone who was getting married in Vermont.....now I will not lie...I did not expect much out of it - that they would actually contact me.....BUT they did!

And, after some quick chats, we decided it was a good fit! Flights were booked, cars rented, hotels reserved...and holy cow, Patrick and I were headed to VERMONT! 

**Side note, upon arriving in NY (Albany) and then driving to the resort in Mount Snow Vermont...I slowly fell in love....it was the most breath-taking place!**

September 30th, 2016 - was the day they wed, and boy was the fall in full swing and amazing in Vermont....

Upon meeting Tali for the first time, I was BLOWN AWAY by how beautiful she was, in a very casual but sweet way! Marshall was for sure lucky! We talked about the first look, and decided to go up to the top of the mountain to check it out....

It was about 11am when we went up there, and it had to be below freezing, the fog was so thick, you could not see out. Coming up the chair lift, you could not see maybe 3-4 in front of you! It was CRAZY. All we did was PRAY for it to clear....and while it was still windy and cold....the day, could not have been more perfect!! <3

Tali & Marshall,

Thank you so much for taking a chance on a northern born, southern girl - because your wedding was a once in a lifetime moment that I will forever cherish. You two single handedly drove my love for weddings to different heights. My connection to you both, and getting to spend every bit of the day with you guys...even when we all needed a break - was an honor! 

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, and may God bless you both, in everything you do! <3


Laura (and Patrick too!)