Why Photographer Hopping is a NO-NO!

Hi again! I am back! Blogging about something extremely important to me, and it should be to you too!

We all love a good deal, and there is nothing wrong with searching for them....however, when it comes to your photographer - when you find the one...DO NOT LEAVE! Here is why:


Yes, we all love it and we all know we teach kids to be fearful or at least hesitant around strangers.....you may tell your kids "That's Mrs. Laura, you can say hi! she is okay!"....for some kids - that doesn't matter. The first time they meet someone, all bets are off on how they will act. TRUST me....I have had enough tearful scared little ones at the first meet....it is not because Patrick or I are not good with kids, quite the contrary actually. BUT, when meeting us for the first time - we are new, we are different, and we are strangers. 

When you continue to book with the same photographer, the little ones in your life will start to recognize us! They will associate us with fun times, and laughter. Below is Holden and Hadley, I have photographed them multiple times now... Holden when he was still in the womb and Hadley was just a little bit......now almost a year and half later....images like these - come with recognition, come with trust, come with a connection. Ill show a little flash back at the end too! :)



This isn't for kids, this is for PARENTS. Lets be honest, most people don't photograph like they stepped out of a magazine. Most people are awkward to photograph....at first! And to be fully honest, men are the worst. They do not want to be there, and that comes across in their body language! They also usually are stiff, and just quite do not know how to feel....

Leigh has an amazing personality, is generous and kind. Even then, the first time we photographed them - she didn't know me, my posing language, or how she needed to be in front of my camera (every photographer is different here!)....add Marc into the mix....great guy...but he is a little shy at first, quiet kind of man....so our first session was a little hard....I did not know them well, didn't know how to get them to loosen up, etc....however I am incredibly thankful they stayed with us because their photos are some of my favorites now! Comfort with your photographer SHOWS in the camera! Here are some from Holden's 6 month pictures in their home, and then some from this past fall! 

All 4 of them are now comfortable with us, understand my verbiage on how to move/pose, and even find us pretty funny. Bonus that Marc and Patrick have found football as a common ground, so seeing them feels like seeing friends now!


Since I know 60% of my inquiries are just price shopping, I feel comfortable saying this: I don't offer a lot of deals to first timers. When you book a photographer for the first time, you may book through a mini session, and that is okay....you are still not really getting a deal...Cost wise it works better for you for me to do mini sessions, but deals are in repeat business!

I offer lots of deals and discounts to my repeat clients. You are the heart of my business, of course I want to give you extra stuff. I offer $25 off a full session when you book one for being a repeat....I also give you extra images any chance I get! I mean, why not, you are showing me loyalty - I want to show you some too! I also always go to my repeat clients for models! If I need someone - I go to them! :) I have a special FB group for clients and clients only - this allows me to offer specials to JUST them!! How awesome is that?

Lastly - at the beginning of each year I offer a preferred client program, it entitles you to a BUNCH of bonuses that even just repeat clients don't get! 

In summary - 

Your kids will get to know us, and will act better in front of the camera. We will be able to get the REAL smiles that you want! Parents will be more comfortable in front of the camera, which translates into images you want to frame! And lastly, you will get more bonuses and deals from your photographer the more sessions you book! :) 

Thats all folks. And as promised, a little throw back to the Hessler Family when we first met - not judging me! I have grown since then as a photographer, and they have turned into little models! :)