Holden is One!

This year I promised I would blog more....then I got super busy. 

So, I am slightly behind (okay 3 months behind!) but I still promised myself I would do it....so here goes nothing! Blogging is important for non-clients to see a full gallery....which is why I wanted to do more this year! :)

Holden was one of the first babies I photographed - in womb. I had not done many maternity sessions when I met Leigh and Marc on a rainy day at botanical gardens.....and I still will tell you I was off my game that day....but I am so happy that they trusted me to capture their family over and over again. 

This time, it was Holden's FIRST BIRTHDAY! How has it been a year? He is the giggliest, sweetest, little boy ever! I just love him. They have had a "song" for him since he was itttty bitty, and each time Patrick and I walk away singing it......

So, before I contiune with pictures - I will leave you with his song!

"Holden, Holden, Holden, keep those doggies rolling! Holden!" :) 

P.S. This session was in January...so the outdoor pictures did not go as planned, but as life happens - nothing ever does! We move on! :)