Griffin Family - An Amazing Remission

A friend of ours, Maggie, happened to WIN a session on our Facebook page. I love it and hate it when existing clients win sessions - I love to reward clients - BUT also love giving to people who could use a session too!

However, instead of Maggie taking the session she won, she asked if she could give it to a friend....Usually you are not allowed to transfer winning sessions...but the friend was a mom who was watching her daughter battle Leukemia. Not just any daughter either....a baby! 

The planning was slightly difficult since Eleanor Violet was still in treatment, but we finally nailed down a date! I also learned that EV (what everyone calls her!) - actually was now in REMISSION!! That made me jump for joy, and this became a celebration of life and happiness, overcoming triumph.

So please meet the Griffin Family....and give them some love! 

If you would like to know more about Eleanor's journey or if you would like to donate, please check it out here:


<3 <3

The last picture, is the beautiful Griffin Family and Devereux Family! <3 Maggie and Joni have been friends for a long time, and it was special that Maggie donated her session to Joni, and then booked one to follow their session!