1. Do you offer mini-sessions?

Limited edition sessions are some of our favorite times during the year! While we do not have a set schedule, we try to do them quarterly - that way, all of our wonderful clients can help capture milestones with their families as they desire, or maybe just get pictures with the various themes! 

  • Valentine's Day Mini-Sessions

  • Easter Mini-Sessions

  • Mommy and Me Mini-Sessions/Fathers Day Mini Sessions!

  • Back to School Mini-Sessions

  • Fall Family Mini-Sessions

  • Christmas Mini-Sessions



We are not in the business to tell you who you can and cannot have join you at your session. However, we do request that a family session be limited to immediate family only. Grandparents can be added to a session at no additional charge, anyone outside of that would be a $50 charge per family. If you choose to add additional folks to your session, keep in mind that it will mean less overall images....since we will spend more time trying to organize people instead of photographing people! We do suggest booking 2 hour sessions back to back if you want to add extended family into a session, this would waive the additional charge! :)

Do you have any style recommendations?

Oh yes! We have an entire Pinterest board FULL of style tips and ideas! We LOVE to arm my clients with all the right tools for a successful session! We are also always available for questions, should you still have some! :) Our Style Guide Board: https://www.pinterest.com/lauraskellie/lsp-client-style-guide/

What is your rescheduling policy/late policy?

It happens.....a sick kid, a unplanned work trip, huge bruises on faces....life happens and we completely understand that! With that said, if you have to reschedule - notify us immediately. We will make all attempts to reschedule you as quickly as possible. If you reschedule within 24 hours, there is a rescheduling fee at times (unless I can fit you in around another session!) 

If you are late to a session....the time late will be deducted from your overall time...that is to be fair to me and other clients. We appreciate promptness!

What happens if YOU (the photographer)are late?

It happens....we run behind or our dear daughter isn’t cooperating that day....and we are TERRIBLY sorry when this happens, but we are human and things happen! If we are late, we will make sure you get your full length of time, if possible. If not possible, we will make it up to you with either extra images, some prints, or inviting you to do a little mini session another day....like I said - we will make it right! :)