Welcome to the Laura Skellie Photography Senior Portrait Guide. This will have all the information you may possibly need before, during and after your senior portrait session! 

Welcome & Congratulations!

Let me be the first to say "Congratulations!" - this will be one of the most exciting times in your life. That goes for parents and seniors alike! Whether you are a teenager, preparing to enter adulthood or a parent preparing to let your sweet and innocent child become a grown up! For moms and dads, it seems like it was ages ago when your senior would still hold your hand while crossing the street....and as a 16/17 year old - that time couldn't be further in the past! We want to welcome you to Laura Skellie Photography, as place full of real people, real emotions, and real life.

We are a husband and wife team, that knows how to keep you at ease during your session. We love to have fun and laugh often. One of us is there to look out for the girls with their hair and make up, and another to help guys feel at ease....we make a pretty good team - and we hope you will enjoy our time together as much as we will!


We like options, and we figured you would too! While we would love to spend an entire day with our seniors capturing them in their lives - we know that isn't feasible! Instead, we have put together the following packages we think would be best!

1. The Freshman: 30 minutes, 1 location, 1 outfits, and approximately 20 proofing images to see at viewing appointment. All high resolution fully retouched images and prints/products will be purchased a la cart. $200

2. The Sophomore: 1 hour, 1 location, 2 outfits, 5 high resolution fully retouched images chosen from a proofing gallery of approximately 50 images. Bonus items: 24 Wallets included! $350 ($400 value)

3. The Junior: 2 hours, 2 locations, 3-4 outfits, 15 high resolution fully retouched images chosen from a proofing gallery of approximately 80 images. Bonus items: 8x10 print and 48 wallets included! $450 ($550 value!)

4. The Senior: 2 hours, 2 locations, 3-4 outfits, 25 high resolution fully retouched images chosen from a proofing gallery of approximately 100 images, and a full set of 4x6 prints of your proofs. Bonus items: Hair and Make up INCLUDED, 12x18 canvas and 96 wallets! $725 ($1000 value)

Depending on your senior, one package may be better! Some guys just need quick and simple because they don't like to fuss! Then there are some girls who love to go all out and be pampered - and that is perfect too! Whatever your senior wants, we have something for everyone! If you want to change something up, talk to us! We love to customize a package for your senior if needed! 

See below for Print Package Pricing to get an idea. For a full pricing guide - email us at hello@lauraskelliephotography.com

What to Expect:

Not in life, just during this process! We are a fun team, and we enjoy laughing - so the first thing to expect is laughter. We know that life is stressful, and we don't want this to be another thing added to your pile of things to do! Here is a quick run down of what to expect:

1. First Contact - We will likely have a chat on the phone, exchange pleasantries, and I will also get a little information from you. At this time I can talk to you a little bit about our sessions, but I would rather send you our welcome guide with all the information (including price) that you need. We can talk about exactly what you were thinking, but we don't need to! From there, if you would like to book - I will get you the booking contract, invoice, and questionnaires! Simple! We do not even have to set a date or a location yet, but getting you "on the books" is very important! We only take on so many seniors each year!

2. Pre-Session Meeting - After everything is booked, we will schedule a time that we can sit down and talk. This can be over dinner, coffee, or even at your child's sporting event if needed! We usually just need the senior, and one of the parents although both are welcome! We will discuss details about the session - what it is that you want, where you want it, and if we have not decided - a date. This meeting is important, I want to get to know you guys as a family and more importantly get all the awkward "first meeting" gitters out of the way so on the day of our session - we don't have to worry about this!

3. The session - this is self explanatory...but we will have the session - and we will rock it out! If Hair and Make up is booked, this will usually need to take place approximately 3 hours before the session start time! Being on schedule for our session - is critical! We only shoot seniors during golden hour - which is the time before/during sunset! Depending on your session time, we will start approximately 1, 2 or 3 hours before sunset! 

4. After your session - After we are done shooting, I will get busy at making your images look beautiful! We will need to schedule your viewing appointment approximately 2-3 weeks after our session, this gives me time to edit and get proofs ordered! During the time after our session, I will do my style editing only at this time - final edits will be done to the chosen images only! Final edits are all the fine retouching details that we will talk about during our viewing appointment! This ensures we edit the images to what you would like to see! They will be beautiful when you see them at the viewing appointment - but we will just refine them a little more for the final images! During the weeks after the session, you should see one or two sneak peaks online - please share these and brag about your session!

5. Viewing Appointment: We will sit down for about an hour or so, and go through your proofing images. You will choose at this time all the images you want to keep, or discard! We will also talk about any final retouching you would like, and all the prints and products you may want! Simple appointment - we can do it over coffee, in your home or ours!

6. Final Delivery: After the viewing appointment, it will take us approximately 3-4 weeks to finalize your images, and approximately 1-2 weeks to get all ordered prints and products in....We will either hand deliver them, or package them delicately and have them mailed to you. From session to final delivery it will be approximately 6-8 weeks usually but can also be quicker depending on the season. If you need images faster, please talk to us - for an additional fee we can have rush delivery service that would take our overall schedule to 2-3 weeks. 

Print Package Pricing:

This is ever changing...only because we are constantly finding a better way to deliver our products, or finding better quality products to order. For our current pricing - email us! Packages are always the way to go as you get a discount on the package, as well as a combined discount already built in! Packages range from $50-$800. 

A few items from our a la carte menu:

Signature Wallets with your name:  24 for $18

4x6 print: $3

5x7 print: $5

8x10 print: $9 (mounted is $22 - recommended)

16x20 print: $35 (mounted is $70 - recommended)



1. What should I wear?    We have a pinterest board full of amazing ideas, however - if you have any specific questions we are here to help you and guide you as to what would look best in images!

2. What if I have a huge pimple day of pictures?     We will take care of that. We want you to look your best, and while we like to minimize extensive editing (we want you to look like YOU) - we do fully retouch the photos for blemishes, scratches, skin smoothing, etc!

3. I have a horrible birth mark/mole/etc that I want removed...can you?   Yes. Just let us know! :)

4. Can I add on hair and make up?   Yes you absolutely can. Cost is usually $150-200 depending on the artist, and availability!

5. I have a horse/car/something cool I want to incorporate into the session...is that allowed?    ABSOLUTELY. We want the session to be about you - whatever that entails....even if you have a pilots license and you want to take me flying for pictures! We are usually pretty game for anything! If you are ever unsure, just ask!

6. Do you have location suggestions?   I send out a lengthy questionnaire once we are booked....this lets me get to know you and help decide on locations. Downtown is all the rave, and I dont have any problems doing that - but sometimes letting US pick the location - based on your questionnaire....is even better! Trust us!


Coming Soon!