Ready to book?


  1. Basic Sessions are great for a single family, or couple that just wants some quick photos to remember their vacation by!
  2. Full Sessions are designed for multiple families vacationing together, extended families, engagement sessions, families that wish to have some outfit changes or just want a longer session!
  3. Mini Sessions are quick, easy and great for those fall, Christmas or spring photos! Location and date specific, just show up and were ready to go!
  4. Custom Sessions can be requested for headshots, events, etc. Just email us and we will get you set up:

**See bottom of page for specific location information**

Location Notes

These should be considered when booking your session, and we have the right to turn away a booking if we do not feel we can adequately provide you with what you are looking for!

  • River Street should only be booked for morning sessions, unless you know and understand it will be packed in the evening.
  • Wormsloe Hours are 9am-5pm. If you wish to shoot there, you will automatically be rescheduled to 9am or 4:15pm depending on when you booked for. **NOTE: There is an added $25 photography fee at wormsloe, please come prepared to pay that at the session, in addition to entrance fees for your family - (Adults (18–61): $10.00, Seniors (62+): $9.00, Youth (6–17): $4.50, Children (under 6): $2.00**
  • Beach sessions are at the mercy of the tides. We will do our best effort to work around the tide, and will notify you immediately if we think there will be an issue.
  • Please know if you are scheduling a session that is not in Savannah area or Richmond Hill area (25 miles outside of either) - there is a $25 travel fee. Session locations that will include a travel fee are Saint Simon's Island, Driftwood Beach, Hilton Head Island, etc. For sessions more than 60 miles away from Savannah, please email us first before booking.
  • If you select "OTHER" as a location when booking it means your location is one that is other than those specified. Basic or Full Sessions within the 25 mile radius are okay without prior approval, just email us to talk about it after you book! We are always willing to check out new locations, but we also want to make sure that it works for photos too in terms of lighting and photographic ability before we just show up! If you are outside the 25 mile radius - we love traveling, just email us to make sure we can make it work before letting you book! :)


What locations do you shoot at?

Currently we are only in the greater Savannah Georgia area. We do travel generally about an hour outside of Savannah as well! We are available for travel to other areas outside of that, for a fee. Please contact us if you need somewhere else cool!

How quick will I receive my proofs?

You should have a fully edited simple proofing gallery within 48 hours, sometimes 72 if there is heavy traffic/volume times.

How many images do I GET?

Depends on the session of course, but typically your proofing gallery will include at least 25 images for a basic session and at least 60 images for a full session. Sometimes that number is more, depending how much your photographer shoots! In addition, at times due to things outside of anyone's control the gallery may be smaller, however you will always have enough to choose from!

How do you edit?

We love to edit clean and simple, with true to life colors, and great lighting. There may be slight variations due to the time of day we are shooting at, and visually you may see things slightly different due to monitor calibrations, however we try to present the same product to each client!

Do I have to order prints through our gallery?

Nope! You have the rights to print them wherever you wish, once you receive your final gallery! However, we do offer the option to get them printed through your gallery!

Where do we meet you?

Typically you pick your location when you schedule your session. With that in mind, we usually will touch base the day before morning sessions or morning of evening sessions to set up a firm meeting place. If you have not heard from us, we are human and life gets the best of us, just reach out! 734-645-2382!