Who are we?

We are Laura, Patrick and Josephine Skellie (she is the cute little girl you see above ;)) I, am Laura - I usually will usually be the one you talk to and work with if you need something. However as a husband and wife team, we both have our duties. Mine are visible and his are more behind the scenes...

Photography is one of my greatest loves, but along side that is being a mother, a wife, dog wrangler, kitty cuddler, a sister, daughter, multi-medium artist, amazing public speaker, introverted extrovert, infertility advocate, and a construction superintendent. Yes, you read that correctly. My day job involves putting on a hard hat and boots and running a job site. I have a Masters of Architecture and after about 8 years doing that I realized I loved construction....so I made a change. I love being in that roll during the day, and love being able to create amazing art while getting to play and entertain families in the evenings and on weekends.

Our daughter was the result of a fresh, IVF(invitro fertilization) transfer from November 2017, and our soon to be son was the result of a frozen IVF transfer from June 2021! I am a huge advocate, and supporter of all things infertility and will talk about our struggles with anyone! It is a life I do not wish on anyone, but has made me stronger and a more compassionate human being!

Little history on us: I was born and raised in Ypsilanti Michigan and moved to Pelham Alabama in 2012 just 6 months after meeting Patrick (in hopes it would work out!!) Patrick was born and raised in Alabama, where he went to the University of Alabama.

Thankfully, moving to Alabama worked in my favor and we were married in 2014. Our beautiful daughter was born in August 2018, and a short 10 months after she was born (and after I called Alabama home for 7 years!), we decided our life was not crazy enough and moved to Richmond Hill Georgia, where we currently still reside.

My husband, daughter and our 3 beagle mixes are quite the handful but I live for challenges and being able to take chaos and make something beautiful with it....it is exhausting at times, but I do not regret it ever! Moving to Coastal Georgia, we re-branded and have made a point to dedicate more time for family. It has made our family closer and has been an amazing change for us!

We cannot wait to meet you, whether you are in town for a short time and need photos, vacation here all the time and want to relive your moments, a photographer looking to work with us, or a client who calls Savannah home...we never meet a stranger, and are fast friends with those in the industry as well as our clients. It is what stands us apart. We thrive on community over competition, and being transparent with our clients.